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Providing bespoke Architectural precast concrete solutions of an aesthetically excellent quality and to technically advanced designs and production methods. That is our ethos. We are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of high-end precast concrete elements for the most challenging and prestigious projects and we support clients, architects and contractors at every stage of the process. This is how we ensure that all the pieces of the jigsaw fit together perfectly.

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Our Expertise

We can assist in finding the right Architectural Concrete solution for every project thanks to our many years of experience and know-how. You can rely on us for :

  • Building function: bespoke elements for different applications: internal or external, structural/load-bearing or non-structural, single-skin cladding or double skin sandwich panels, ornate feature dressings, balconies, stairs or landscaping – indeed for almost any purpose!
  • Finishes: extensive range and variety of types of finish: acid etched, grit blasted, retarded, polished or with an inlay of natural stone, bricks, tiles or Terracotta.
  • Colours: virtually unlimited choice: utilising an extensive source of naturally occurring sands and aggregates with, as required, the addition of a wide range of pigment additives.
  • Concrete Technology: Optimal mastery of mix designs and casting methods: essential for the consistency of large areas of homogeneous concrete colour.
  • Moulds: Utilising advanced CNC formwork techniques allows us to shape the concrete in its fluid state into the most intricate of mouldings.

What can we do for you?

As a customer, you will find Decomo to be a technically strong organisation from A to Z, where quality and customisation are the common denominator. We test the limits of what is technically feasible in order to mould the architect's vision into a workable solution with the desired look and feel in terms of shape, dimensions, texture and colour.

Our approach

Our references

In the production of architectural concrete, we take on any challenge. The size of the order does not matter to us, as long as it is not a standard prefab. We are happy to show you.

Wondering how our expertise in precast architectural concrete fits into your plans? Contact us for an appointment without any obligation.

Our references


White grey - Polished


Orange - Acid etching


White grey - Polished


Dark grey - Acid etching

Paris 14

Beige yellow - Acid etching

Paris XII

Dark grey - Acid etching

Lille (FR)

White grey - Polished


When our customers talk about Decomo. View some testimonials here.

Farringdon Road London
Blackwall Reach London
Decomo is also specialised in brick-faced architectural precast panels. A technique that combines all advantages of precast with traditional charm. It's even possible to combine the two techniques (architectural concrete and bricks) in a single precast panel.
Wembley stairs London
The Waves Oostende
Odd Fellows Manchester
University of Manchester Project Office
Ensor Tower Oostende
Decomo provides apartment complex Ensor Tower (East Bank) with architectural concrete
Chancellerie Brussels
Magnificent project near Place Saint Gudula, in the heart of Brussels
Q-Residences Amsterdam
When exceptional architecture is magnified by architectural concrete. Just magnificent !


Which projects have we recently completed and what is happening within Decomo? Here we will keep you informed of the latest news in our organization and introduce you to the latest developments in architectural precast concrete.

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Wondering how our expertise in precast architectural concrete fits into your plans ? Contact us for an appointment without any obligation.

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